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The CAJUN NATION®️ Cajun Seasoning Company was created by brothers Alfonzo and Troy Bolden who were born and raised in Cajun Nation, Louisiana along the Cajun Coast.

Hypertension has been an issue throughout their family for many years. They have personally experienced the negative impact of high blood pressure. As a result of major changes to their lifestyles, the idea of a low sodium seasoning was born. The objective was to create a blend that features a combination of spices that is high in flavor and low in sodium. The CAJUN NATION®️ Cajun Seasoning blend accomplished that and contains no MSG! Now, their family, friends and community can enjoy their favorite meals without worry.

The CAJUN NATION®️ Cajun Seasoning Company continues to create other flavorful, low sodium products with no MSG for the Home Chef. If you food tastes bland, that's not okay. Let us show you the Cajun Nation Way. Shake on that flavor, fire up that pan. You can make you food taste grand! GEAUX GET THE RED CAN™️


In 1976, two brothers lived on a working sugarcane plantation in Cajun Nation, Louisiana along the Cajun Coast. Running shirtless and barefoot together on the headlands of the sugarcane plantation, they looked for adventure. They would often sit in the sugarcane field chewing sugarcane, talking and dreaming.

In 2022, these same two brothers are living out their dreams, owning and operating a cajun seasoning and spice company in Cajun Nation, Louisiana along the Cajun Coast. Their success is a direct result of the dream seeds planted as children and watered and fertilized as adults, maturing into the Cajun Nation Cajun Seasoning Company. As a tribute to their childhood, they have now created the CAJUN SUGAR brand.

The RED CAN is co-branding with the commUNITY in the fight against high blood pressure! ❤ GEAUX GET THE RED CAN! LOW SODIUM.🧂 NO MSG.🚫 GREAT FLAVOR.😋 CERTIFIED CAJUN.⚜️  #GeauxGetTheRedCan #CajunNationSeasoning #CajunNation #LowSodium #NoMSG #commUNITY

CAJUN NATION co-branding with the commUNITY.